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Paris Hilton is 24 years old, she is the one great grand-daughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. Most of the time Paris wears blue contact lenses. For her 21st birthday, she made 5 great parties for herself in New York, Las Vegas, London, Hollywood and Tokyo City. Has one sister (Nicky Hilton) and two younger brothers Barron and Conrad. Her mother is the former actress Kathy Richards. Every single day we learn a gossip about the life of the 24 year old celebrity Paris Hilton. Some news seem to be amazing : "The dog of Paris Hilton bites a producer!" Some are thoughtful : "Paris Hilton advises her mother how to behave in front of cam". Others are to envy: "Paris Hilton is voted for the perfect US princess". Her popularity skyrocketed after a homemade video with her ex-boyfriend Rick in October of 2003. The video was made when she was only 19 years old. Latest news is that she was named the year's worst-dressed clebrety by the Norfolk and ended engagement to Greek shipping heir, Paris Latsis, in September 2005. The heir of the Hilton Family - Paris Hilton is most famous because she is being just famous. Her side occupation is being in the movies "The Cat in the Hat", "Wax House", "Simple Life", brief appearance in the famous Orange County serial and many others. Her latest debut is publishing book, trying in musical business, being a fashion model and establishing her own perfume brand. For nearly three years Paris Hilton is working on her debut album, named "Paris is Burning". And she is ready to take the pop world by storm. Stay tuned for more interesting information about her.

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